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Although KULMAG Kulturmanagement AG pays great attention to the correctness of the information published, it and its contractual partners cannot guarantee the topicality, completeness, correctness and accuracy of the information contained on the website at the time of its publication (not even to third parties). Liability claims against KULMAG Kulturmanagement AG for material or immaterial damage resulting from access to, use or non-use of the published information, from misuse of the connection or from technical malfunctions, as well as direct and indirect consequential damage, are excluded.

If there is a contractual relationship between a user of the website and KULMAG Kulturmanagement AG, KULMAG Kulturmanagement AG is only liable for damage caused by gross negligence or willful intent. KULMAG Kulturmanagement AG excludes any liability for damage caused by an auxiliary person.

Limitation of liability for external links

The website contains external links (links to third-party websites) which, if activated, may leave the website or extracts from third-party websites may be displayed within the vicinity of the website. KULMAG Kulturmanagement and its contractual partners do not accept any liability for the topicality, completeness and correctness of the content of the linked websites. The respective information provider of the linked website is responsible for the content and correctness of the information.

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