Helene Freytag


Helene Freytag was born into a family of musicians in 2005. In 2009, she became a member of the MDR Children's Choir. One year later, she received her first violin lessons at the music school Johann Sebastian Bach in Leipzig. From 2013-2020, she was taught by Prof. Uta-Maria Frenzel, initially in the children's class at the Carl Maria von Weber University of Music in Dresden and since 2017 as a student at the Saxon State Gymnasium for Music. In the same year, duo lessons with Friederike Herold began with Prof. Marie-Elisabeth Hecker. Since 2020, she has been taking her main subject lessons from Ms. Hellen Weiß. After passing the entrance exam in summer 2019, she is also a young student at the Julius Stern Institute of the Berlin University of the Arts in the class of Prof. Latica Honda-Rosenberg. 

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Master classes in solo and chamber music form with Prof. Honda-Rosenberg, Prof. Langgartner, Prof. Küssner, Prof. Prishepenko and Prof. Turban, among others, complemented her previous training. She is also a scholarship holder of the International Music Academy in Liechtenstein and takes part in the intensive weeks and activities there.

Helene has won several 1st prizes at regional and state level in "Jugend musiziert". In 2019, she won the 1stprize at the national level with maximum points in the solo violin category, and in 2021 in the category piano and a stringed instrument, together with her sister Wilhelmine, she won the 1st prize at the national level with maximum points, as well as several special prizes, including from the German Foundation for Music Life. She was also the 1st prizewinner with a special prize in 2020 at the "Carl Schröder Competition". At the "International Kocian Competition" in Usti nad Orlici she received a 3rd prize in 2019. In 2021, she was the 2ndprizewinner at the "International Young Ludwig Competition" and received the 3rd prize at the "International Violin Competition in honor of K. Lipinski and H. Wieniawski" in Lublin. Together with her sister, she also won the 2nd prize in the "Carl Bechstein Competition" in 2021. 

Helene's career is characterized by solo concerts with various Saxon orchestras. She has been an active member of the Federal Youth Orchestra since 2019. In 2021, she took an active part in the chamber music course Mit Musik - Miteinander in Kronberg. In a concert on the occasion of the coronation meal in Aachen in October 2021, the sisters were able to present themselves as scholarship holders of the foundation. 

Helene is supported with a sponsorship grant from the Deutsche Stiftung Musikleben. As a prizewinner of the 28th competition of the German Musical Instrument Fund, she has been playing a violin by Lorenzo Ventapane, Naples, 1806 since February 2020. 

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